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ContentBurger® Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about  ContentBurger®? Please read through my  ContentBurger® Review before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it.

I’ll cover what it does, who is it for, how much it costs, Pros & Cons, what special bonuses you’ll get and what the upsells or OTOs are, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it and if it’s right for you.

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ContentBurger® Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Ifiok Nkem
  • Product: ContentBurger®
  • Launch Date: 2020-March-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 ETD
  • Official website: Click here
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Bonus: YES, My ContentBurger® Premium Bonus below
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Experience Needed: No Experience Required
  • Support: Friendly & Effective Response
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

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What Is ContentBurger®?

ContentBurger is a brand new tool, which is able to Discover, Plan, Compose, Analyse and Automate your Content Strategy. Just by buying the main offer you will get access to all the tools to get your content centralized for content marketing operations for almost everything including blogs, social networks and, newsletters.

ContentBurger will help you to collect Leads, Traffic as well as Sales with the first in the world content discovery, creation, planning, analysis and in depth automation suite, which is being poweered by Artificial Intelligence(A.I) and large data.

ContentBurger is a very Powerful content marketing & social media management platform suitable to be used from brands, publishers, agencies, brands, start ups, so you can find, create and share the best performing content regularly and increase your traffic leads & sales.

– Leverage the Power of all Content Types –

– Across All Social, Blog and Podcast Channels –

You will be able to find the best content, which performs very well, from videos, articles, Memes, Quotes, GIFs in the internet by inserting keywords, domain names, authors, hashtags performance and also engagement.

  1. Compose your unique content using a world-class multi-channel composer that brings the entire web at the center of the editor which allows you to embed content from your favorite sources and find Articles, GIFs, Images, Quotes from across the web . . .
  1. Plan and manage your entire Content Strategy . . .
  1. A deep automation recipe which Auto-Discovers and Auto-Posts the Best Contents across all your channels,
  1. And finally, analytics to help you analyze your content reports using meaningful insights to fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

So in a nutshell.

ContentBurgers provides you a higher level discovery, mulkti channel content composer, planner and in depth automation recipe for auto post the very best performing content in social, blogs as well as podcast channels, all inside one dashboard.

It is able to crreate and syndicate content in 4 very simple steps.

1. Take advantage of the intuitive dashboard and composer to search for sources and make your post

2. Choose the accounts you want to post the content to

3. Create any final customizations you want.

4. Publish instantly or take advantage of the powerful scheduler, so you can automate your content delivery.

About The Creators – Ifiok Nkem & Godswill Okoyomon

ContentBurger comes from the desk of Ifiok Nkem and his partner Godswill Okoyomon.

Ifiok Nkem is a multi-passionate, time tested and battle-hardened entrepreneur, web consultant, author, and serial digital product creator. He has trained and empowered thousands of people with skills and tools in Web Design, App Development & Digital Marketing.

Demo of Content Burger

Features Of ContentBurger

Content Discovery

Discovery and Insights Supplied by (Artificial Intelligence)AI and additional sorting, that hasn’t been seen before to get the best content.

Get access to the best (Articles, GIF, Images, Videos Quotes, Memes and topics and AI Quote Generator) in realtime; this features has never-before seen search criteria on engagement, performance to be able to find only the best content.

Powerful Search & Query Builder

Find content by keywords, domain names, authors or hashtags. For repetitive searches, you can create custom topics and use Boolean operators to make complex queries.

Find Only The Best Content

Get access to the top performing content with a trending socre and proven engagement date for every post of yours. Increase your knowledge and influence also thought leadership by sharing the best content our there for your visitors, audience.

AI Generated Captions

For effective content curation, the creators have made the most advanced system, which finds interesting pieces from the post and generates compelling and human readable captions for your social media posts.

Content Composer

A Composer that brings the Entire Web Content at the center of the Editor

Witness true composing power with their Multi-Channel Composer, which gives you the chance to Embed content from your favorite sources and find Articles, GIFs, Images, Quotes from across the web. The Composer itself not only gives you the opportunity to write and create contents but gives an easy real time search of content taking advantage of multiple sources that you can simply drag and drop to the editor….

Drag & Drop Embed

The ability to to search for content of multiple sources, so you can simple drag and drop to the editor. Fast embed of post, articles, images and videos in built drag and drop manner from 9+ external sources.

Saved Hashtags

You don’t have to spend time on writing hashtages anymore. Youc an save the amount of hashtages you want in groups and use them with just 1 click, when you create posts.

Planner and Calendar

Manage your whole Content Strategy from one Place with Planner

Streamline your content workflow by collaborating with your team members and planning campaigns from an interactive calendar or list view. Plan, approve, reject or schedule content for all your marketing channels from a single place and be in control of your content and social media strategy.

No more clunky spreadsheets with disconnected work-flows. Increase your productivity by running your entire marketing content from a single interface that connects all the moving pieces together.

Automation Recipes

Auto-Discover and Auto-Post the Best Contents

Step by step templates helps you set up various types of automation campaigns saving tons of time. Get relevant & targeted content posted to your channels according to your own needs and settings. Advanced rules help in finding and planning content relevant to your industry or interests.

Keyword and Domain Filters

Keyword and Domain Filters Select your keywords or domains to only pass the type of content you want to share with your audience. Those keywords and domains that cause irrelevant content posting can be added to the exclusion list for improved accuracy.

Advanced Fitlers For Targeted Content

Quickly find and embed topic-relevant videos, images & GIFs in your posts by searching for engaging content across popular video and image sources.

Smart Suggestion

Smart Suggestion As soon as you start typing you get related keyword suggestions to further expand or limit your content. You can quickly exclude or include any of the suggested keywords with a single click.

Reviewable Automation

You can choose to Create Set the Automation to be completely hands-free or set a Pre-Approval process for all curated contents thus giving you more flexibility

Analytics & Reporting

Meaningful Insights to fine tune your strategy

Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

1 Click Article to EBO0K CREATORT

They have added a 1 Click PDF Creator, which allows all contents created in the Blog Editor to easily be exported to a downloadable ebook.

Simply Disover Content with Contentburger, Use the Slick Composer to beef up content further and then Turn into an EBOOK with One Click.

1 Click Article to Podcast.

Now you can quickly convert your articles to Voice and easily share your stories to All the Major Podcast. So go beyond Social Media and start driving engagement via Podcasts

Using state of the art AI, Contentburger creates the most human sounding voice in over 30+ languages. You can listen or read the latest news on their discover page.

Collaboration and Workspaces

They Built a System to Properly Manage Content Strategy using Workspace. So,Stay organized by working in different workspaces for different brands or clients.

With Colloboration Tools you can Invite your team and collaborate to keep everyone informed and share better content.

Image, Quote and Meme Creator.

Compelling visuals are more important than ever and that’s where ContentBurger’s image editor provides you with easy-to-use tools to apply filters, add effects, make adjustments, resize images and do a lot more.

It has a Built-in Native Image Designer with tonnes of templates and for the first a dedicated Meme and Quote Creator.

Additional Extra Things Of ContentBurger

AI Content Intelligence

Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic.

Engagement Tracking

Quickly see how an external article from any website has performed on different social networks.

Intelligent UTM

ContentBurger allows you to build UTM templates and adds UTM parameters automatically to all of your shared links. It also has the ability to assign the right social network as a source.

Add Custom Sources

Use any source from their global library, import from Feedly or add your own RSS feeds to start monitoring content from the sources you like or follow.


Get approvals on your posts from clients or team members with their built-in workflow.

Multiple Regions and Languages

Their crawlers monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages. You can also add your own custom sources and RSS feeds in any language from any country/region you want.

AI Powered Captions

Get context-relevant captions written by their AI and save time while curating content.

Drag and Drop Embed

Quickly embed articles, videos and images in a drag & drop manner from 9+ external sources

Doc Sharing

Easy Share your Doc just like Dropbox and Google Docs

Auto-Discover and Auto-Post.

They understand that Most people and businesses find it difficult to regularly share new content with their audience on social & blogging channels.


Articles to Blog

Articles to Social Media

Videos to Social Media

Videos to Blog

RSS to Social Media

Bulk CSV Uploader

Set and Forget

Set your own posting interval for every campaign to create an optimal posting frequency. You can even create a custom schedule by choosing the best days and times for publication.

Deep Filters

Select Deep Filters up to keywords or domains to only pass the type of content you want to share with your audience.

The Most Inteligent Content Discovery.

Support All Cotent Types

Discover the Best Content Across Videos, Articles, GIF, Memes, Quotes…






Supports Multiple Regios and Langauges

The AI monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages. You can also add your own custom sources and RSS feeds in any language from any country/region you want.

High Sorted with Sentiment and Engagement Soores

Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic. Quickly see how an external article from any website has performed on different social networks.

ContentBurger is the New Command Center for Content and Social

Better Content Quality The Most Advanced AI bringing in fresh contents from multiple sources More Robust Automation

Automate Discovery and Publising across Articles Videos, RSS and more Better Content Types Supports all Content Types – Articles, GIF, Meme, Videos, Quotes and even Voice Deeper Collobaration Work Using Workspaces and collaborate with Team and Clients

ContentBurger Vs Competitors

You can see on the below what ContentBurger offers more than its competitors.

When it comers to Content Discovery:

content discovery of ContentBurger

Content Composer

content composer

Content Automation

automation, collaboration, eBook

Planner, Podcasting, Pricing

planner, podcasting, pricing

What Problems Does ContentBurger Solve ?

I believe you know this and that isn’t nearly the problem . . .

The problem is the “time and work” involved to create quality content consistently for your numerous blogs and social media handles!

This is where ContentBurger comes in.

If you want to truly succeed online, you’re going to need great content .  . . And Lots of It!

And ContentBurger is the ideal content marketing and social media automation suite that helps you share the best content consistently across ALL your channels for maximum engagement, traffic, and sales.

ContentBurger is simply an ALL-IN-ONE Content Solution Suite FROM the future!

See some of its AWE features;

[+] Content Discovery At Your Fingertips

[+] Post To WordPress and Medium Easily

[+] Got An Idea?  Save As A Draft For Later…

[+] Syndicate To Popular Social Media platforms In A Flash!

[+] A Dynamic Planner To Let You Manage Your Content Strategy Under One Roof

[+] Automation Recipes To Share Your Content In A Jiffy!

[+] Know What’s Working Exactly With Deep Analytics.

[+] Full Blown Social Media Marketing Suite

[+] The Flexible Content Scheduler You’ve Always Dreamt Of…

[+] Automate Your Content Strategy Easily

[+] Incredible Search Features and Query Builder

[+] Capitalize On The Hottest Trending Content Immediately

[+] True A.I. Generated Post Captions

[+] Full Content Previews Without  Annoying Ads

[+] Add Custom Sources and RSS Feeds For Market Insights

[+] Automatic Citation For All Your Curation Needs

[+] Content Burger Supports Multiple Regions and Languages Too!

[+] Instantly Know The Read Time of Every Single Article You Create

[+] Intelligent UTM Assignments Available

[+] Drag and Drop Embedding From 9+ External Sources

[+] Eliminate Writer’s Block With The Content Assistant!

[+] Drip Feed Publishing Lets You Set and Forget!

[+] Powerful Filters For Effortless Organization

[+] Repurpose Content For Each Social Network and Make It Look Unique

[+] Hashtag Saver Lets You Tap Into More Traffic!

[+] Want To Use Retargeting?  We’ve Got You Covered…

[+] Need a Call To Action?  No Problem. Just Use This…

[+] Keyword and Domain Filters: See More of What You Want and Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t.

[+] In-Depth Training

[+] Dynamic Customer Support

So what’s this truly worth?

Even though, it is estimated to cost $997 per year, Content Burger is being offered at a lot lower and affordable price.

Who Should Take Advantage Of This Opportunity?

ContentBurger is indeed an opportunity for anyone who is interested in;

[+] Generating a larger mailing list of loyal subscribers

[+] Getting more eyeballs for your digital products so you make more sales

[+] Signing more clients for your coaching programs

[+] Generating visitors to your web properties for contextual and affiliate revenue

[+] Getting more followers on your social media profiles

[+] Generate high-quality backlinks that make your web properties more valuable

[+] Creating authority so people purchase your recommendations and you pocket more profits

ContentBurger will probably be the best buy they’ll make this year . . .

It can help anyone in any market succeed such as:

[+] Business Owners

[+] Publishers

[+] Brands

[+] Agencies

[+] Startups

[+] Product Creators

In fact, if you are online (of course EVERYONE should be online), you need ContentBurger, period!

The Pros 

There are a number of features and stuff I can easily point out that really make ContentBurger a deal to me, but for the purpose of this article, I’ll try to be modest as much as possible.

One of the features that really got me is the Deep Automation Recipes!

ContentBurger automation feature helps you Auto-Discover and Auto-Post the Best Contents with Advanced set and forget rules allowing you have 100% automation in your content marketing strategy.

Also, ContentBurger has a built-in Collaboration and Workspaces System to Properly Manage Content Strategy using Workspace. So, you can stay organized by working in different workspaces for different brands or clients.

With the Collaboration Tool, you can Invite your team and collaborate to keep everyone informed and share better content.

Finally, I’ll want to give thumbs up for the all in one, organized, sleek and easy to navigate dashboard.

The Cons

What I don’t like or what I’ll influence if I was the product creator!

Now I am being serious here, this offer is going for a far too low onetime price . . . anyway, it’s only a founders’ special offer.

If I was the product creator, immediately after this launch special offer closes, this offer will go for $997/year and it’ll still be far more worth the value.

My little secret: I am getting my own full lifetime access, once the cart opens just in case he changes his mind! Lol . . .


Besides, you will get all bonuses below from creators

ContentBurger Upgrades,OTOs

ContentBurger FE <<GET ACCESS>>

All you need to discover, plan, analyse, composer and automate your content strategy. From this main one, you have the things to centralize your content marketing operations for all the channels as blogs, social networks and newsletters.

ContentBurger PRO <<GET ACCESS>>

You will have access to a host with more amazing features as “Team Collaboration” to 5 members with a variety access levels. You will also get an AI Meme Creator and generator, so you can have the chance to make eBooks in Just 1 Click, More Templates and more things.

ContentBurger Agency Dashboard <<GET ACCESS>>

With this upgrade, you get access to make multiple brands & businesses, so you can make monthly or one time to manage. also you can invite clients to workspaces with features, so to get approvals for contents, export, data and analytics.

ContentBurger Consultant Toolkit <<GET ACCESS>>

The Ultimate Social Media Agency Kit gives you the chance to position and sell Social media and Content Marketing Services. You will get a ‘ done for you’ Agency website PLUS:
– Flyers
– Logo
– Brochures
– Proposals Template
– Contracts Template
– Questionnaire
– Pricing Plan
– Social Media Branding Graphics Assets
– Ready-To-Mail Auto-Responder Client Follow-up Series and more

ContentBurger Reseller –<<GET ACCESS>>

This upsell gives the ability for you to RESELL ContentBurger and get 100% of the profit. A very good way to earn profit and make money by selling software products. You will get

  • Resellers license
  • Resellers dashboard
  • Manual and Auto account creation
  • Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
  • Done for you customer support for life

Special Offer: You will receive a bunch of huge bonuses from us when you purchase ContentBurger®  through this site. Please see the Bonus packages details below.

Do these steps below to get our ContentBurger® Bonus if you decide to buy it. Don’t miss it. Act now! These Bonus Packages Will Expire Soon …

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3rd: Buy the product from the link above.

4th: Wait for your bonus – The Bonus is delivered with the product and also you can mail at – (Kindly send your order receipt)


Buy It Via This Site & Get ALL These Bonuses FREE!

100% Legitimate software 

Bonus 1 – Internet Business Models ($249)

Internet Business ModelsHere are the 4 of the Best Internet Business Models that you can pursue and make a good income from. They are legitimate, low risk, low cost, easy to start, yet is highly scalable and profitable in the long run.
If you’re already halfway through some of the business models above, and got stuck, you can use this guidebook to pick up where you left off and get the momentum going again until you make your first sales.
If you’re new to all these, you can choose either one of the business models and simply follow it step by step until you make it.
It’s really simple and straightforward.
All of these 4 business models are distilled in step-by-step instructions that you can follow from zero to making your first sales.

Bonus 2 – Amazon FBA Success ($197)

Amazon FBA means “Fulfilment By Amazon.” It means that Amazon stores and delivers products that you choose, direct to customers.

And it’s truly game-changing for the “make money online” crowd. It has already made a lot of people, very rich.

Amazon FBA SuccessHere’s exactly what you’ll discover in this course:

  • How to set up your own product listings on Amazon
  • How to choose the right products and calculate pricing and profits
  • How to pick products that sell reliably and won’t go out of fashion – every time
  • How to create your own brand NEW products, extremely easily
  • How to make store listings that get discovered easily
  • How to market products, create buzz, and generate sales
  • How to get amazing reviews from customers, leading to more visibility and more sales!
  • The best strategies for effective market research
  • The best tools and tips to help you scale your business
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • And so much more!

Includes ready sales materials!

Bonus 3 – Five-Figure Funnel Profits($749)

Discover the exact formula used to create 5-figure product launches!

Five-Figure Funnel ProfitsTraffic is the life-blood of your online business. Yes, this indeed true but if you don’t take advantage in maximizing those traffic, you will lose a lot of traffic without converting them into buyers.

That’s why sales funnel was created few years back and this was really helpful in sorting out the needs of your audience and supply them what they really want.

If you are not familiar in setting up these sales funnel, inside this product is a video course that will guide you the right path to a Five-Figure Funnel Profits.


Bonus 4 – Smart CPA Offers ($197)

Generating profit from CPA offers isn’t as simple as just pointing a traffic source towards any offer, running a Facebook ad campaign, etc. In fact – it’s extremely hard unless you know what you’re doing.

Smart CPA OffersThis training will help you learn everything about an evolution in the CPA market and it’s what we call Smart CPA offers.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to CPA 2.0
  • The Good and The Bad
  • Protecting Yourself
  • Increase Your Approval Rate
  • Evolution of CPA
  • CPA Networks That Buy Your Traffic
  • Traffic Sources
  • Pop Ads Traffic Source

Bonus 5 – Modern Instagram Marketing Video Upgrade($97)

It’s easy to get excited about Instagram’s reach, user consumption patterns, and overall traffic volume. But, most of the people who try marketing on Instagram fail to get the results they are looking for.
Following tips from this video course you can turbocharge your results with Instagram.
Topics covered:
  • 10 Key Reasons Most Marketers Fail on Instagram
  • You Don’t Have to Fail
  • Instagram Success is All About Persona
  • Find Your Competitors on Instagram and Reverse Engineer Them
  • Curate Top Notch Content and Mix in Your Reverse Engineered Content
  • Adopt a Content-First Sales Funnel
  • Use Facebook’s Ad Retargeting System to Pull Instagram Users Deeper Into Your Funnel
  • Pay and Interact with Niche-Specific Instagram Influencers
  • Continuously Optimize All Parts of Your Funnel
  • Best Practices

Bonus 6 – Facebook Ads 101 ($799)

market approve bonus 1In this specific video training course, you will learn what you need to do to set up your Facebook Ads properly… Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right You will learn to find data about what your audience wants and what is the best way you should approach them. You will also learn how to make sure your ads appeal to the right person, how do you use the right text, the right image and much more…

Bonus 7 – Google Ads Mastery Videos ($199)

Google Ads Mastery Videos

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system around the world. This advertising system is used by thousands of small, medium and large organizations.

With this 18-part video tutorials you will learn how to create a profitable Google Adwords Campaign so that you can gain more customer visibility and engagement and establish yourself as an industry authority.

Bonus 8 – How to Get Free Website Traffic ($497 Value)

You want to bring more traffic to your site and you want to do it with no associated costs. Great news! There are several tools you can put to work for you and one of those is the Google Keyword Tool. If you are not familiar with this tool, now is a good time to do so.

Bonus 9 – Video Skin Pro ($295 Value)

Grab 200 Premium Pre-Sliced Video Skins PLUS All Of The PSD Source Files! If you use videos online then this is very special bonus for you. I’ve just created a set of killer video skins that will make your plain videos POP out of a page and automatically. So you can customize them and make them look just like you want. Grab attention & add professionalism to your plain videos.

Bonus 10 – Zero Cost Traffic ($197 Value)

Traffic is the life-blood of your business. In this bonus you’ll get 10 powerful traffic methods with video training, templates and step by step instruction. You can learn immediately and start earning profits.

Bonus 11 – Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing ($1750)

Facebook Messenger has revolutionized how marketers can access and grow their audience on Facebook and websites that use many of Facebook’s extensions.

Facebook is not just one platform, it is actually a set of related properties. It also shares key parts of its functionality with third-party websites.

In this video course you will learn how Facebook Messenger works, how you can create bots that would work with Facebook Messenger so you can grow your audience, and most importantly, drive qualified traffic to your website.

Bonus 12 – Turbo Push Notification Pro ($327 Value)

Turbo Push Notifications PRO : The Only Solution You Need To Allow Your Visitors to Opt-In & Re-engage Them Effectively In Just A Few Clicks! This software will give you easy time to make a user visit your website again and again and have more time creating valuable content on your website.

Bonus 13 – Big Bundle of Background ($1997 Value)

A huge pack of high quality background images that suits to multiple niches, use them in your Landing pages, Sales Pages, Sales Videos and even in Social Meida Networks.

Bonus 14 – Your eCommerce Store Video ($1327 Value)

Are you struggling To Make Money With your Ecommerce Store? This Ecommerce video targeting will teach you how you can increase your ROI by 100% through laser targeting and segmentation that you can’t learn any where else.. Although everyone is different, learn faster, avoid making errors, and get better results if you have someone showing you how to do something.

Bonus 15 – Youtube Authority ($750)

More than 1.9 billion users visit YouTube on a monthly basis and watch billions of hours of videos every day, making YouTube the second most visited website in the world.

Because of that YouTube has become a serious marketing platform where businesses are given the opportunity to promote content in a truly visual and highly engaging way.

It has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses to increase awareness of their brand, drive more traffic to their company sites, and reach a broad audience around the world.

If you aren’t taking advantage of YouTube for your business you are missing out on marketing your company and growing your business.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to get started on YouTube:

  • Learn what it takes to get started on YouTube, including the equipment and software you’ll need to produce your own videos.
  • You’ll learn how to choose your niche and determine what kinds of videos you’re going to produce.
  • Discover how to properly optimize your YouTube channel so that you can be successful on the platform.
  • Find out what you need to do to develop your content strategy and get started producing the videos your audience wants to see.

Bonus 16 – Instagram Ads Success Video Upgrade ($197)

In this video course you will learn step by step how to create successful Instagram Ads

Course will show you how to identify your target audience correctly and explain how you can choose the right type of Instagram Ad to connect with them in the best way.

Bonus 17 – Email Marketing Success ($497)

This comprehensive guide will show you how to build an email list and create successful marketing campaigns.

Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll gain:

  • You’ll learn the critical components of email marketing.
  • You’ll understand why it’s so essential for your business to start email marketing today.
  • You’ll be able to establish your goals and objects for your email marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll understand the different types of email marketing campaigns that you can send. and So On


Bonus 18 – Youtube Quick Start ($249)

It’s a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged for longer periods of time, while encouraging repeat traffic and views.

This report will walk you through the ins and outs of YouTube, the best times to upload videos, and even how to make sure you attract the most people to your channel.

Topics covered:

  • Have a Clear Vision
  • Create an Attention-Grabbing Description
  • Optimize Everything
  • Commit to A Schedule
  • Vary but Focused
  • Understand Your Audience
  • Know Your Competition
  • Learn from Your Favorite Channels
  • Create An Interesting Thumbnail
  • Sign Up for G-Suite

Bonus 19 – Premium Azon Store WP Theme ($347)

Make More Money Selling Amazon Products Using this High Converting Premium Azon WordPress Theme.

I have seen many people who does affiliate marketing. Some of the made tons of affiliate commissions but still majority of them earned just to cover the cost of their business.

Why does this happening even though their sites are ranking good in Google SERPS? The answer? CONVERSION. Yes, People don’t care if you are on the first page or on the top of the SERPS. All they want is the information they need. And if your website don’t give that to them, they will just close their browser and go to the next website.


Bonus 20 – WP In-Content Popup Pro ($1249)

WP In-Content Popup Pro is a new plugin that lets you create attention grabbing popups within your content.  

You can trigger in-content video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.  Additionally, you can add a secondary content popup that can contain optin forms, buy buttons, or social sharing icons.

This will help boost your traffic, sales and email lists.  This is an “in-content” trigger tool so you have the ability to choose the timing when the popup shows up.  This way, you’ll capture the attention of your traffic at exactly the moment it matters the most.


Bonus 21 – How To Become An Influencer ($127)

This ebook explains the psychology behind influencers and explains why people choose to attach themselves to the creators they respect.

You’ll find a full, step-by-step program that will help you to build a powerful “personal brand” with a strong message that people respond to in a massive way.

You’ll learn to generate excellent content, and you’ll learn about the signals that sponsors and brands look for.

Once you do this, you’ll build a highly resilient and stable business that allows you to generate cash doing what you love – and that opens up incredibly opportunities that go beyond your wildest dreams!

With this ebook you will become the best version of yourself, build your tribe and earn money from your passions.

Bonus 22 – Buy & Sell Using Bitcoin ($427)

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.  With this 9-part video course find out all you need to know about buying and selling Bitcoins.

You will learn about:

  • How to set up a Rocketr
  • How to set up a Bitcoin in Rocketr
  • How to add a product
  • How to add a pay button
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coupons
  • Email marketing
  • Blacklisting buyers

Bonus 23 – Linkedin Marketing 3.0 ($47)

This unique and easy to understand training guide will help you to tap into 500 Million users and supply you the most accurate information needed to easily reach out to widely scattered customers and boost your profits.

You will found all about:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Basics
  • LinkedIn Business Solutions
  • Marketing on LinkedIn – Step by Step
  • Additional Tips to consider
  • And much more!

Also you will have access to a complete niche research report regarding LinkedIn Marketing: Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Affiliate programs, Demographics, Webinars, Infographics, Facts, and Case studies.

Bonus 24 – Article Marketing Influence ($397)

The success of article marketing requires more than just the submitting of articles to directories. Knowing proven tactics is an advantage and can help you be successful in your overall goals.

Within this guide you will learn exactly how to achieve these known skills through Article Marketing Influence.

Some of the lessons within Article Marketing Influence are:

  • Article Marketing… What Is it?
  • Finding and Getting The Content
  • Writing The Article Yourself
  • Getting The Your Next Idea
  • Writing High-Quality Articles
  • What Constitutes Bad Content?
  • Proofreading Everything You’ve Written
  • Outsourcing Professional Writers
  • Using PLR Articles
  • Using Search Engines To Get Traffic
  • And a Whole Lot More…

Bonus 25 – Big Business Blueprint Advanced ($197)

Do You Want 42 VIDEOS With That? Get The Accompanying Video Version Of Big Business Blueprint. 

You may already have an existing online business and if you want to make it bigger and make more profits from it, expansion is necessary.

The thing is that, this always has some risks involve that is worth taking for the sake of growing your empire.

But to lessen the mistakes that you may encounter along the way, inside this advance video tutorial series which contains various media of 42-Part Video eCourse, 98 Minutes, Checklist & 7 Action Plans, you will surely get to your goal in no time.

Bonus 26 – 10K Blueprint Video Upgrade ($1197)

Most people fail with Internet Marketing because they do not take consistent action. There is a solid and dependable method that has been working for many years and will continue to work in the future.

It’s time for you to learn how to make $10,000+ per month in 90 days or even less!

Topics covered:

  • Shaping Your Mindset
  • Why You Must Choose The Passive Income Model
  • List Building And Email Marketing
  • The Math For $10,000 Per Month
  • Developing Your List Building Plan
  • Creating The Right Image
  • Setting Up Your Sales Funnel
  • Your Traffic Plan
  • Promoting Offers To Your List
  • Leveraging Your List

Master Resale Rights and sales materials included!

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